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 As a leading technology company in the acoustics field in China, ZISEN has, based on its many years’ development, set up its diversified business development mode focusing on the noise control. By 2013, ZISEN’s overall and comprehensive strength has been improved, and it has shaped powerful market competitiveness from the team building to the production and sales and from development to the service. However ZISEN, just like most excellent enterprises in China, faces the new market pattern for the transition from product competitiveness to brand competitiveness, especially the strategic decision for future development and the branding promotion shall dominate the future economy. Under the condition that no an overwhelming brand was set up, ZISEN, the first to break through limits and create brand competitiveness, is dedicated to creating the first-class brand in the noise control industry by resurveying brand resources, seeking brand genes and making brand improvement.
        Based on careful analysis, ZISEN decision makers proposed a new brand image that was unanimously recognized by all concerned parties. ZISEN establishes the core brand orientation, being a rational and excellent service partner with internationalization quality, and adheres to the business philosophy of “rigorousness, keenness, innovation and quality”. The ZISEN LOGO is not only a combination of graph badge and letters, but also shows details of the generousness and clear essence of international culture surrounding excellence penetrated into the visual identification system.
        The LOGO is designed from English letters of ZISEN, with its burliest and forceful font symbolizing the brand strength and the ambition of future development, the round corner and arc line weakening the tough font feeling and shows the brand affinity makes a generous, solemn, dignified and lasting impression.
        The interest point (memory point) of whole LOGO lies in the hexagon at the upper right. By using the basic elements of sun, screw hole and diamond, it derives an abstract image with an elegant shape, and shows the business philosophy of ZISEN’s persistence in maturity and excellence in the professional field. The whole LOGO that is presented in an irregular combination improves the brand identifiability.